Fire safety

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The training covers all employees.

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Osnova školení

  1. Causes of fires in the Czech Republic.
  2. Fire Safety.
  3. The fire triangle.
  4. Extinguishing a fire.
  5. Fire Classification (signs at fire extinquisher).
  6. Fire Extinquishers.
  7. Using a Fire Extinguisher.
  8. Hot work and permit.
  9. Documentation of fire protection.
  10. Legislation.
  11. Movie
  12. Employee have to be familiar with all relevant laws and regulations, which are available on the website of the state administration, and are available, as amended, by the administrator at:
  13. Familiarization with fire regulations, with the fire alarm directives, with a fire evacuation plan in the workplace and other documentation containing the determination of fire safety conditions in the workplace. 
  14. Familiarization with the location, function, respectively. way operation of fire safety in the workplace and of fire safety in the workplace. 

Note .: Item no. 13 is subject to a separate e-learning course or other acquaintance.