Training of referent drivers

O kurzu

Training for drivers of vehicles without professional competence (car driver)

Důvod provedení kurzu

For drivers with professional competence is considered a driver if they were driving a motor vehicle, for which management authorizes the license category C, C + E, D ​​and D + E or subcategory C1, C1 + E, D1 and D1 + E, or a driving license recognized as equivalent. It does not apply to drivers of vehicles listed species listed by the Act on the acquisition and improvement of professional competence to drive motor vehicles and amending certain laws. ]

This training consists of 8 teaching units. Each teaching block is terminated once the question verifying the understanding of the text.

Osnova školení

  1. The employer's obligations pursuant to Government Regulation No. 168/2002 Coll.
  2. Definition of basic terms of the Road Traffic Act No. 361/2000 Coll., On road and on amendments to certain Acts (Road Traffic Act)
  3. The basic conditions for participation in road traffic of the road traffic
  4. Obligations when participating in road traffic of the road traffic
  5. Obligations and prohibitions driver, occupant and operator of the Law on Road Traffic
  6. Direction and driving, driving in the lane of the road traffic
  7. Related legislation 
  8. Education film

Graduates are required to familiarize themselves with all relevant laws and regulations, which are available on the portal of government GOV, and are available as amended, the administrator at: