OHS training for employees_V5

O kurzu

About the course

The training applies to all employees of the company in employment.



Důvod provedení kurzu

Reason for conducting the course

The employer is obliged to provide employees with training on legal and other regulations to ensure occupational safety and health, which complement their professional prerequisites and requirements for the performance of their work, which are relevant to the work they perform and relate to the risks with which the employee may come into contact in the workplace where the work is performed, and to consistently require and monitor compliance with them.

Osnova školení

Training content

1. Employees' rights under Act 262/2006 Coll., Labour Code

2. Obligations of employees under Act 262/2006 Coll., Labour Code

3. Break at work

4. Testing for alcohol or other addictive substances

5.  Accident at work and first aid

6. Legislation

7.  Educational film - Napo first time at work and safely (10 min.)

The graduate is obliged to find out about all relevant legislation, which is available e.g. on http://aplikace.mvcr.cz/sbirka-zakonu/.