Health and safety training - for employees

O kurzu

The training covers all employees.

Důvod provedení kurzu

Osnova školení

  1. Employee rights
  2. Responsibilities of employees according to the Labour Code
  3. Employees are especially forbidden
  4. Basic obligations of the employer
  5. Responsibility of executive management
  6. Break at work and safety break
  7. Evaluation of the presence of alcohol or other addictive substances
  8. Work-related INJURY
  9. Ensuring the first aid
  10. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective drinks
  11. Safety signs and color signals
  12. Basic principles for material handling
  13. Machinery and devices operators
  14. Working at heights
  15. Principles of safe computer work
  16. Training at the workplace
  17. Drinking regime
  18. Driver duties
  19. Legislation
  20. Educational film (10:00)

Employee have to be familiar with all relevant laws and regulations, which are available on the website of the state administration, and are available, as amended, by the administrator at: